Geisha Game On!

We’ve been very busy this year growing and improving our operations. The fruits of our labor: we are now sourcing 80% of our coffee in Direct or Relationship trades. We are aiming for 95% by 2017. Better tasting coffee, exquisite experiences for our customers, more money paid for farmers One of the most exciting aspects… Read more »

Are you an intrepid soul? Then join us!

Seattle Coffee Works is looking for a few intrepid souls to join our team. Some know us for our Slow Bar which includes a full-on syphon program. Others know us for our extensive Direct Trade sourcing program. Many know us because our two cafes are among the busiest independent cafés in Seattle. We are fiercely… Read more »

What on Earth is Honey Process?

Maybe you’ve always wondered about what coffee is. Today we’re here to give you a first overview of how coffee comes to be from tree to roasted coffee beans. Read on for a short 101 on coffee processing, how it’s done and how it affects the flavors in your cup. Our focus is on Honey… Read more »

Get to Know Your Barista – The Ponch Edition

It is my pleasure to introduce, Eric (Ponch) Estrel. What do you do at Seattle Coffee Works? I am the Big Roaster and a barista. Big Roaster eh? How tall are you? 6’4’’ and a half What size does that make your bike? 62-64cm When did you start working in the coffee business? What sparked… Read more »

Introducing a New Title: Relationship Coffee

As we have engaged more and more heavily in finding Direct Trade farm partners, we wanted to find a way to call out coffees which are ethically sourced but do not clear the bar of “Direct Trade” in our rigorous definition (see Sebastian’s previous blog post for details.) We decided to give those coffees a… Read more »

When we say Direct we mean Direct

Direct Trade Revisited

The last time, we wrote about our sourcing program was in 2010, and it’s time for an update. We have come a long way. Half of our Seattle Space Blend is now directly sourced from one farm in Brazil. With the help of one of our team members, Oscar Garcia, who lives in Antigua, Guatemala,… Read more »

What was it like in Guatemala?

This past February, we were able to send a few of our team members into the lush, vibrant land of Guatemala. This trip is the first of many in which team members are able to meet our direct trade partner farmers and their families while learning more about cultivating coffee. Our experience in this beautiful… Read more »